42: Expectation Threshold 2 to 3 seconds

“Today’s web applications are more content and feature rich than ever, providing an interactive user experience. In addition, users expect these applications to be delivered immediately on a variety of fixed and mobile devices and browser platforms. A recent Forrester study found that “two seconds is the new threshold in terms of an average online shopper’s expectation for a web page to load, and 40 percent of shoppers will wait no more than three seconds before abandoning a retail or travel site.” Google has publicly stated that a half second delay in load time results in a 20% drop in ad revenue, while Amazon has found that a tenth of a second delay causes a 1% drop in sales. Now more than ever, slow page load times translate into lost customers and revenue. In addition, companies can save significant hardware, software and bandwidth costs by improving application speed.”

41: Online Button Makers

These links are helpful for when you are in a hurry or need a shortcut to produce a quick button. The output files are not optimized and can easily be reduce in half. This example was 9K after download and reduced to a 2.4K 8-bit PNG file. Creators of “microsites” have statistics showing larger “action” buttons, like “download” or “buy now,” get better clickthru when they are large and use 18 point type (approx 18 px.) This example is 18 pixel font size.