61: Ego Marketing

Ego Marketing is:
1. Showing off product coolness. Splash and buzz is like a firework (short.)
2. Spends too much of early critical resources on big-bang tradeshows and ads.

Burn Rate: the rate at which a start-up company spends capital to finance operations before generating positive cash flow from operations.

Organic Marketing: Results are what matter:
1. What really matters is where the product is installed and how it’s holding up.
2. First seed the market with a minimum of installations and corresponding reputable testimonials. This builds a portfolio of endorsers and testimonials.
3. Target resources for cost efficiency. “Low-fidelity” marketing communications can outperform glitz.

60: Tables for small sites.

Do tables fit the bill for small sites?

  • Tables always work. There is less code to learn, so chances of building it wrong are reduced.
  • Table code is easier to understand. Doing HTML tables is quite straightforward, you have the
    tags that make things easier to follow. CSS DIVs look the same!

  • Tables designs look the same in most browsers. Being a very basic code even IE6 does a decent job in displaying the content
  • Table designs make no difference for the customers. Most people don’t know how the code behind a site is made.
  • Another good reference: