Why I do what I do.

I believe in creativity.

Creativity is the courage to set self-imposed severe limitations. Creativity is the inverse of available time, money, and energy. Shortage of resources give impetus to different thinking and ultimately innovation. The leap into the future requires barriers and obstacles. An opposition is a fuel for more resourceful ideas.

There’s no such thing as a crippled idea. All ideas have potential to evolve. But they may not produce results. That’s the creative risk. Creativity needs the right to fail without censure or criticism – to not be smothered by ego.


With unlimited resources, it seems anything and everything is possible. But projects with unlimited resources are rarely creative – and never innovative. They stall and delay. They become technical and complicated instead of simple. They get entangled in committees. They gravitate towards safety instead of risk. Why do these unproductive impediments happen?

Because humans – habitually without thinking – consume all resources available.

Creative discipline is a gamble. Will something as esoteric cycle and return needed again? It’s a gamble to produce a scarce commodity. With disruptive change and chaos – such as the needs of mobile devices – suddenly, what was laughable stupidity or project waste is transformed to smart and visionary.

Intuition helps forecast. Which way will the world change and turn based on repetitive history? Why does it incessantly cycle? It’s sensing what to not waste your time doing. Determine what to stop doing and obsessing over.

Human nature wants *today*to never change. Status quo or stagnation appears safer than change. Ignoring or hoping for a different outcome than before is a form of blind cognitive dissonance.

Not listening to intuition, inspiration, or insight is the idea killer. Creativity is risky. Innovation is successfully making a profit actualizing a creative idea. Timing and audience motivation are important.

When gas becomes cheap, people drive more – not less. They waste more. They become like gorging dragonflies eating while hunting their next in-flight mosquito meal. Always devouring without thought or self-discipline. Like sharks – insatiable eating machines. Always moving towards more food. Dragonflies, hummingbirds, and sharks consume while in motion. No time to stop eating or driving forward.

Creativity not only needs self-imposed limitations, it requires solitude. Time to think and imagine in peace. To wander and even take the wrong path. Creativity requires massive quantities of quiet solitude – not brainstorming sessions or creative contention,

Innovation requires profit. Profit is the applause of a motivated audience with money. Creativity doesn’t necessarily require an audience. You can be creative in solitude. But innovation requires acceptance by a group.

I’m Steve Teare, Creative Director. I make my living selling ideas creative ideas and strategies within the project limit.

I am or have:

  • Empathetic and curious.
  • Strong-willed and comfortably strange.
  • Clear sense of purpose.
  • Strong innate spirituality.
  • Inherent intuition.
  • Resistant to rigid, control-based peer/herd authority.
  • Embrace repurposing, readymades, and found art.
  • Enjoy storytelling.

Ideas by
Steve Teare,
Creativity Engineer

Pearl Girl: Classic romantic fairy tale by Steve Teare.

About the Book
Pearl Girl is a 48-page classic fairy tale with photomontage as illustration. Very readable with the story text set in large Schoolbook type.

Features & Details
  • Category  Romance: A Tale of Love’s Magic
  • Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm
    48 Pages
  • Publish Date Oct 29, 2011