SANCTUM NOVA MUERTI by Steve Tier 1991

The Children stare
Watching in horror and wonder
I look behind hanging tapestries
The hidden markings
Strange primitive symbols
Cave writings, an alchemy den
Each curtain descends
revealing more sinister

The Children’s anxiety
Mother and Father will be very upset
A chilling tingle up my back
Something Evil
Something Dark
happened here
the disguised box in the corner
I exploring. I touch it

The Children gasp and cower
This is it
The secret of the markings
Rolling the box away
Inside a dusty cradle
the dried mummy-like remains
of a Dead Child
Icons, symbols, candles
As if worship removed the crime
An accident, a murder, a disease

Kneel Children kneel
at the Alter of Death
Conceal Mother and Father’s crime
Worship your dead brother
Crime is now religion
Purify corruption
by changing the rules
Now, sacred and secret
No one shall know
the strangeness of the strange
except I, the visitor

Death and Religion
one and the same
Without Death,
there is no Religion

Kneel Children Kneel