The Animal Test: Origin Story


I confess.

The first time I ever took The Animal Test was in 1988. Four simple questions from inside an international fashion magazine for women. And I’m a guy. Pretty scientific, right?

I don’t know why. But it amazed my mind.

It was fascinating what the answers revealed about me and other people. I began giving The Animal Test to people I found interesting – or troubled. Or when I was terminally bored.

Decades later, I’ve now given the test to thousands of people. Usually individuals. But sometimes to groups. Especially high school seniors figuring what to do next with their lives. They find it fun and revelatory taking the test. The classroom erupts when they learn what their answers mean.

The Animal Test isn’t a personality-type test, an aptitude test, or even a value test. You may find it therapeutic for some reason. But it’s not therapy. It may help you discover what you need to work on. So it is about self improvement and awareness.

But more than anything, The Animal Test gives new and unconventional perspective.

Let’s face it. The test is not based on massive scientific research studies. It’s not patented. And it’s not about neurochemistry and experimental psychology. After all, it’s only 6 simple-and-fast questions. (That’s right. The test grew by two questions since 1988.)

Nor is it fortunetelling or psychic powers. It feels like magic sometimes for some people. But it’s not that cosmic. Some people report feeling – naked? Say what? And some get angry. Not everyone wants to hear the truth.

Over the years, the more people I tested the better I became at interpreting the results. There’s reasons for my ability. Read more about me here.

Does the test cost money?



Less than the cost of one first-class postage stamp.

Forty-nine American cents via PayPal. Why?

Would you believe The Animal Test is 50-percent better than in 1988? I made super improvements. OK. Fine. It took practice becoming expert at decoding peoples answers. And finally, because every time someone pushes a button on this site … it usesĀ  … electricity. Someone must pay that electric bill!


What you get for 49 cents:

I send your answers to you by email (electric, remember?) Then you get a link and password for the online guide helping you interpret your answers.

If you want to delve deeper, I have a $19.95 interpretative eBook download available. But buying that eBook’s not necessary. Especially once you’ve practiced on random people for 30 years!

Is this test for everyone? Nope.

If you’re skeptical about the existence of the subconscious mind – or if you don’t have a brain – you don’t need this test. Don’t worry. Be happy.

But if you’re curious about what’s inside your head and want to find out more, this test is for you.

Can you get a 100-percent, 49-cent refund?

Dead-right correct.

For 30 days, even. Satisfaction guaranteed. All refunds cost me 17 cents. Electricity, remember?